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HS-1 Three-Component Array Mini SeisMonitor

HS-1 3 Component Array Mini SeisMonitor


The Mini SeisMonitor is specially designed for three-component, low-frequency vibration monitoring. Three HS-1, LT 2.0 Hz geophones are orthogonally arranged (one vertical and two horizontal) in a convenient, sealed carrying case with handle, input connector, and leveling bubble.


  • Portable, non-clamping, three-component, low-frequency 3C array in a convenient carry case
  • Device is environmentally rated to IP67
  • The Mini SeisMonitor is ideally suited for seismological, engineering, and scientific applications where passive, low-noise, short-period triaxial seismic sensors are required
HS-1 3C Mini SeisMonitor@2x


Height, with Handle 13.61 cm 5.36 in.
Height, no Handle 9.22 cm 3.63 in.
Diameter 14.94 cm 5.88 in.
Weight 3.595 kg 7.925 lbs


Operating & Storage Temperature –40 to +100° C (–40 to +212° F)
Operational Range Vertical to 7.5° Horizontal to 0.5°
Portable Case Aluminum
Double O-ring sealed top and bottom
Carrying handle
Leveling bubble built into top


Sensor Type HS-1 Seismometer
Triaxial Orientation Orthogonal
Natural Frequency 2.0 Hz
DC Resistance Options 1250Ω 3810Ω
Sensitivity Options 1.04 V/in/s 2.0 V/in/s
Extended Bandwidth up to 500 Hz

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