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Geospace Technologies Corporation is a technology-driven, market-leading provider of vibrational technology solutions that deliver situational awareness for energy exploration, security and surveillance, and industrial Internet-of-Things applications.

For more than four decades, we’ve set the standard for engineering and manufacturing incredibly robust, hardened geophysical seismic data acquisition systems that perform in the world’s most austere environments. We draw from our engineering and manufacturing knowledge to deliver reliable, cost-effective energy exploration technology solutions in our adjacent markets segment where we serve smart cities, as well as industrial and specialty manufacturing. Through our emerging market segment, we explore how our vibration monitoring technologies will benefit new markets such as security and surveillance.

We own and operate in more than 400,000SF of manufacturing space in the United States. Through our people and resources around the globe, we remain committed to our tradition of innovating unprecedented capabilities to tackle our customers’ toughest scientific and engineering problems.

Company History

Over our multi-decade history, we’ve grown through acquisition and mergers, expanded globally, and become publicly traded. We began when Tokyo-based OYO Corporation entered the North American seismic instrumentation market in 1980. A few years later in 1983, OYO Japan’s North American operations were conducted through a wholly owned holding company, OYO U.S.A. In 1986, OYO U.S.A. acquired the geophone and hydrophone operations of AMF Geo Space Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of geophones. In 1988, these acquired operations and the company’s separate geophone operations merged to form Geo Space Corporation (“Geo Space”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

By 1994, a subsidiary of OYO U.S.A., OYO Geospace Corporation was created by adding Houston Geophysical Products and the AMF thermal plotter line. The plotter line would be known as OYO Instruments.

Two million shares of the firm’s common stock (NASDAQ: OYOG) went on sale at $14.00 per share on November 20, 1997. In 1998, OYO Geospace Corporation acquired JRC/Concord Technologies Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary operating as Concord Technologies, specializing in the design and manufacture of marine seismic streamer accessories.

In February 2012, OYO Corporation U.S.A. sold its shares of OYO Geospace Corporation. Effective October 1, 2012, OYO Geospace Corporation changed its name and ticker symbol to Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: GEOS). At the same time, OYO Instruments became known as EXILE Technologies.

Growth and diversification continued in 2018 with two acquisitions. In July, the Company acquired Quantum Technology Sciences, a privately held security and surveillance sensing technology company doing business with the U.S. federal government. The Company operates as a wholly owned subsidiary and remains headquartered in Florida. Later that year, the Norwegian company PGS sold its fiber optic permanent reservoir monitoring solution, Optoseis®, to Geospace.

Leadership Team

Our people are critical to the sustainable success of Geospace. We’re a company of solution-minded engineers, real-time algorithmic trailblazers, and robust industrial manufacturers dedicated to creating smarter, socially relevant products that deliver a safer, more connected world.

Meet the executive team responsible for leading our talented teams across the globe.

Rick Wheeler

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Curda

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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Robbin Adams

Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer

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Richard Kelley

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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Caroline Kempf

Chief Marketing Officer

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David Witt

Chief Information Officer

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Ken Nesteroff

Director, Adjacent Markets

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Jorgen Skjott

Vice President, Oil & Gas Sales

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Lance Heap

Vice President, EXILE Technologies

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Loretta Bazan

Director, Health, Safety, & Environmental

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Alisha Betancourt

Director, Supply Chain

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Nathan Gall

Director, Manufacturing

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Geospace Technologies - Board of Directors
Annette Seiber

Director, Human Resources

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OYO Geospace - Executives
Mercy Thomas

Manager, Corporate Quality

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About Our Subsidiary Companies


Quantum Technology Sciences designs and sells tactical security and surveillance solutions to safeguard highly valued assets, critical infrastructure, borders, and perimeters. Since its inception in 1991, Quantum has provided valuable geophysical sensing technologies to serve various U.S. government missions to include DoD, DHS, DoE, and other agencies. Quantum operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Geospace Technologies. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida.


In the commercial graphics industry, professional-quality image output demands precision equipment and accessories manufactured under rigorous, quality-controlled conditions. Our graphics business segment of Geospace Technologies Corporation manufactures and sells electronic prepress and digital graphic imaging products, as well as film, ink, and other consumables to an array of printing industry sectors. These sectors include, but are not limited to, screenprinting, flexographic printing, signage, textiles, and seismic peripheral plotters. This business segment is also involved in the development and sale of wide-format thermal printheads for a number of thermal printer manufacturers. The products that target these markets range in width from 12 to 54 inches wide and in a variety of resolutions ranging from 200 to 1,200 dpi.


Aquana’s premier Internet of Things (IoT) platform offers multifunctional, modular, and enterprise ready solutions serving the rapidly growing water utility and property management markets. The Company’s water management solutions deliver remote shut-off value control, remote AMI meter reading, as well as leak and burst protection for multi-family properties, commercial buildings, and utilities. Aquana combines connected smart valve hardware with cloud-based software in a Software as a Service (SaaS) recurring revenue model. Aquana operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Geospace Technologies.

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