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GSX-C Land Based Recorder with Cellular Network Access


Cable-free, Radio-free, Autonomous Data Recorder

The GSX-C is designed for cable-free and radio-free land seismic data acquisition. U.S. and European models are available with 4G LTE cellular network access. Statuses can be uploaded at user-selected intervals. Seismic data can be uploaded to the cloud on-demand.


  • Scalability greater than 50,000 channels
  • Delivers high resolution with a 24-bit delta sigma ADC
  • Built-in GPS receiver and disciplined clock
  • Accepts standard analog sensor inputs
  • Has a built-in, full-resolution test generator
  • Available as 1 or 3 channel versions (GSX-C, GSX3-C)
  • Has an LED status/deployment state indicator
  • Real-time status update to the cloud
  • Seismic data retrieval on-demand via 4G network
GSX-Cnew antennas

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