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Fostering Sustainability, Ensuring Employee Well-being, and Adhering to Strict Standards of Safety


Our Health, Safety, and Environmental Management group works hand-in-hand with our global teams focused on the design, development, manufacture, and servicing of seismic monitoring, industrial products, and thermal printing equipment. Geospace Technologies strives to pursue a strategy of responsibility that not only encompasses all our activities but addresses the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. In doing this, we aim to better our impact on the environment not only of our business but all businesses and organizations with whom we interact.

HSE Policy Statement

Geospace Technologies Corporation is committed to zero harm to people, property, and the environment. Our commitment to HSE extends to our customers, our staff, and the community in which we operate.



Making our employees’ health and safety and environmental protection top priorities.

Developing and improving programs and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Creating a culture where the health and safety of our staff and the protection of the environment are considered in all operating decisions, including those related to planning and acquisition.

Ensuring employees are properly trained and provided with the appropriate safety equipment.

Ensuring we eliminate hazards and reduce risks.

Engaging in sound reuse and recycling practices and exploring feasible opportunities to minimize the amount of waste generated.

Using energy efficiently throughout our operation.

Having consultation with and participation of employees.

Communicating our HSE commitment and encouraging personal accountability to emphasize compliance with standards and best practices during employee training.

Striving for continual improvement by measuring our health, safety, and environmental impacts through periodic evaluations to enhance our HSE performance.

Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the preventions of work-related injury and illness.

HSE ISO Certifications

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001:2015

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