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Consistent technical excellence is a hallmark of Geospace on our mission to serve our customers and their missions.

There are different ways to define what we do. One approach addresses the markets we serve with our technical proficiencies, such as the oil and gas, security and surveillance, specialized industrial manufacturing, and electronic prepress solutions markets. To the markets we serve today and those we seek to serve in the future, we offer decades of experience we’ve cultivated into a set of core capabilities. Our technical core capabilities serve as the foundation for the work we do for our customers every day.

Vibration Monitoring

At Geospace, we understand that everything emits acoustic energy. Acoustic energy moves through the earth, air, and water as elastic waves, radiating outward from the source that created them. And as the energy moves, it interacts with its environment, causing vibrations. Geospace’s products are designed and manufactured to gather that vibrational energy as data. For some of our customers, we provide that data for outside interpretation or infusion into larger systems. In other cases, we analyze the data in real-time on our cutting-edge devices to provide actionable intelligence for our customers.

Active Seismic Monitoring

Since 1980, Geospace Technologies has been an innovative force in the oil and gas industry’s global search for energy reserves using active seismic monitoring on land and seabed. Our paradigm-shifting approaches have solved engineering challenges in seismic data acquisition for decades. Among those most influential are our wireless seismic acquisition systems and the first commercial permanent reservoir monitoring solution. Through this distinctive capability, we provide customers valuable information associated with the Earth’s response to controlled energy injection.

Applications of active seismic monitoring include land, transition zone, and seabed data acquisition, as well as permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM).

Passive Seismic Monitoring

We have also identified markets where valuable information can be obtained simply by listening.

Unlike active seismic monitoring, passive seismic monitoring seeks to interpret energy emitted from an unknown source to automatically detect, classify, and locate its source, be it in the earth, water, or air. In 2018, we gained sophisticated algorithmic capabilities through the acquisition of Quantum Technology Sciences. Quantum leveraged its history serving the Nuclear Treaty Monitoring mission to develop the world’s first real-time, tactical, coherent seismic-acoustic sensor array known as SADAR®.

Applications of passive seismic monitoring include those of Quantum’s key line of business in security and surveillance but also return to Geospace’s roots in the oil and gas industry with real-time monitoring for carbon capture and storage, groundwater storage, and hydraulic fracturing.

Whether active or passive, our capabilities span the complete spectrum from sensing and data acquisition to actionable information production. We possess superior sensing expertise. Whether inertial, fiber, or pressure-based, we manufacture and deliver the best sensor for the job. Our seismic data acquisition systems operate in the most austere environments imaginable, collecting thousands of channels of data for years on end. And our seismic data analytics put information where it matters most, in front of decision-makers focused on efficiency, safety, and the environment.

Condition Monitoring

Geospace’s longtime expertise in acoustic sensing is now being applied to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of mechanical equipment. The unique high-definition, low-frequency sensing available from seismic sensors provides insights into machine condition unavailable from other sensor types used in vibration monitoring. Geospace’s data analytics expertise provides timely data and alerts, which OEMs use to proactively service equipment and reduce expensive downtime.

Featurette: Tunneling Detection Capability


Geospace subsidiary, Quantum Technology Sciences, pioneered seismic-acoustic detection and ranging for the real-time monitoring of the tactical domain. Quantum has successfully applied our SADAR-E product to the challenge of detecting and locating subterranean activity, including tunnel construction and tunnel usage activity.



Specialized Manufacturing

To meet the needs of our seismic monitoring customers, we built a robust manufacturing capability that has allowed us to innovate in a nimble and responsive environment. Being the OEM for every aspect of our systems, we are able to quickly address our customers’ needs directly. Maintaining the full spectrum of a product from design to manufacture allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver maximum performance.

Today, we leverage our state-of-the-art 400,000 SF facilities and infrastructure we put in place to support new customers in diverse industries. We serve as a specialty contract manufacturer focused on exploiting our deep history with PCB development and manufacturing; ruggedized cabling and harnesses; and microelectronics for printhead development, as well as extending into injection molding, waterproofing, machining, and electronics/system assembly.

Geospace Technologies has achieved ISO certifications through World Certification Services for our environmental management systems, as well as quality management systems as designated by ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015, respectively.

Featurette: Smart Meter Connectivity


Beginning in 2005, Geospace introduced the utility market to the Hydroconn™, our highly-reliable automated meter-reading (AMR) connectors. Today, Geospace is a preeminent supplier of smart meter connectivity products to the largest cities in the U.S. Our expanded smart meter connectivity product line includes the Hydosplice™, field splice kits designed to accelerate repairs once identified, and real-time wireless meter communications with the Hydrocast™ antenna.



Electronic Prepress Solutions

Born from our early foundation in seismic monitoring, Geospace had a division known as OYO Instruments, which manufactured a single thermal plotter line. Subsequently rebranded as EXILE Technologies, our Geospace subsidiary offers a full range of thermal imagesetters, direct-to-screen printing systems, and direct-to-garment printing solutions.

For over 30 years, EXILE Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of imaging solutions, specializing in applications such as screen-printing, flexography, and pad printing. With offices in both the U.S. and the U.K., EXILE offers products and support services on a global scale that meet the demanding requirements of screen rooms and print shops everywhere. Our expansive line of products includes direct-to-screen and direct-to-garment printers, as well as thermal imagesetters and seismic plotters. Each is ingeniously designed and pairs innovation with affordability to meet the needs of each customer.

Featurette: Imaging and Prepress Manufacturing


Becoming the leading prepress and computer-to-screen printer manufacturer didn’t happen in a traditional way. Instead, EXILE came out of the evolution of Geospace’s early seismic technology past. Seismic plotters played a significant role in energy exploration, and plotters manufactured by Geospace were the industry standard for years. As the industry moved away from large-scale printed maps, we remained nimble and leveraged our knowledge to move into the electronic prepress industry where, today, EXILE provides the most widely used equipment for various commercial printing companies.





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