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DW-150 “Slimhole Array System


Miniaturized Multi-Component Borehole Sonde String

The DW-150 is a miniaturized, multi-component borehole sonde string utilizing an ultra low-noise digitizer, which enables the recording of low-amplitude microseismic events, 3D-VSP, and crosswell seismic imaging.


  • 24-bit x three-channel digitizer in each shuttle.
  • Ultra low-noise digitizer enables recording of low-amplitude microseismic events, 3D-VSP, Crosswell Seismic Imaging, etc.
  • Slim-hole sonde 1.6 inch OD (<41 mm).
  • 3C sensor packages available: 3C tri-axis orthogonal Geophone.
  • OMNI-2400 high-output Geophone sensors.
  • Machined stainless housing minimizes mechanical resonance for high-resolution, high-frequency recording.
  • Direct connection sub-arrays, armored wireline, or rigid interconnects available with high-pressure multi-conductor booted connectors.
  • Flexible or rigid interconnects may be connected “back-to-back” to form longer intervals.
  • Maximum distance between sonde modules: 100 meters.
  • Maximum temperature rating: 150°C.
  • Maximum pressure rating: 20,000 psi.
  • Configurations for vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbore deployments.
  • Adaptable housing for user-defined, application-specific coupling devices.




Outside Diameter 1.6 inches < 40.64 mm
Length 16 inches 406.4 mm
Tool Weight 5 lbs. 2.27 kg
Anchoring System Mechanical on each shuttle (bow spring/magnetic) Tubing mandrel Permanent (cemented)
Anchor-to-Weight ratio 7:1 (passive spring)
Tool Anchoring Range Custom adapters for dimension ranges Sizes available upon request
Points of Contact 5 points, including oposing clamp axis
Sensor Package 3C w/OMNI-2400, mutually orthogonal sensor set standard 2.26
Volts/inch/second Sensitivity
Interconnect Options Rigid Tubing Flexible Armored Wireline Cable
Standard Lengths 3, 6, 9, 9, 12, 15, 20 meters
Maximum Temperature 302°F 150°C
Maximum Pressure 20,000 psi


Sampling Rates ¼, ½, 1, 2, and 4 ms
Pre-amplifier Gains 0dB 6 dB 12 dB 18 dB 24 dB 30 dB 36 dB
Equivalent Input Noise @2ms 1.13μV rms 0.58 μV rms 0.33 μV rms 0.22 μV rms 0.19 μV rms 0.18 μV rms
0.17 μV rms
Maximum Input Signal 1.8 V rms 0.9 Vrms 0.45 Vrms 0.225 Vrms 0.1125 Vrms 0.0562 Vrms 0.0281
Gain Accuracy < 1%
Frequency Response 3 to 1.65 KHz
Anti-alias Filter 83% Nyquist
Instant. Dynamic Range @2ms 124 dB
Cross-feed Isolation >90 dB
THD 0.001%
System Timing Accuracy Better than 1 PPM

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