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Navigator Bird


The Navigator streamer bird depth-control system provides new standards of efficiency for offshore marine streamer acquisition. The Navigator features very high lift force at low towing speeds, extremely low power consumption, and robust, modular mechanics for superior system reliability.


  • By utilizing hydrostatic water pressure, trim is continuous and instantaneous
  • Battery is not regularly consumed for trimming
  • Minimum 10 months of battery life
  • 75 pounds of lift at 5 knots
  • Measures Earth’s magnetic field in addition to magnetic heading
  • Detection, reporting, and recording of magnetic anomalies possible
Navigator Bird@2x


Maximum Operating Depth 35 m (114.863 ft.) (50.5 psig)
Maximum Depth 250 m (830 ft.) (365 psig)
Depth Accuracy ±0.15 m at 0–30 m; ±0.3 m at 30–60 m
Depth Control Stability ±0.2 m (3 to 7 knots, ±2.25 kg buoyancy) ±0.5 m (1.5 to 7 knots, ±2.25
kg buoyancy)
Depth Servo Adjustment Rate Continuous
Action After Battery Exhaustion Maintains servo action to last depth setting
Heading Error ±0.5° World Wide
Pitch and Roll Range ±45°
Approximate Battery Life 7000 hours
Operating Temperature Range –5° to +50° C (23° to 122° F)
Temperature Accuracy ±3° C
Weight in Water 2.3 kg (5 lbs.)
Overall Length 107 cm (42 in.)
Wingspan 77 cm (30.4 in.)

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