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Insight by OptoSeis Fiber Optic Downhole System


Insight features three-component, all-optical downhole shuttles, specializing in multi-level, real-time, continuous, high-definition seismic acquisition.


  • Passive, all-optical downhole sensor network – no electronics downhole.
  • Years long operational lifetime @ 150 °C.
  • 3-each high dynamic range optical accelerometers in each shuttle.
  • Low noise, linear point sensing enables accurate recording of low-amplitude microseismic events.
  • Slim hole shuttle 2.50-inch OD – less than 63 mm.
  • Operates in any orientation.
  • Solid-machined shuttle body minimizes mechanical resonance.
  • High-resolution and high-frequency recording.
  • Direct connection sub arrays, armored wireline.
  • Magnetic and bow-spring clamps available.
  • Supports wireline tools below the array (Gamma, CCL, Well Tractor).
  • Distance between shuttles from meters to kilometers.
  • Maximum temperature rating 150°C.
  • Maximum pressure rating 20,000 psi.
  • Capable of > 100 shuttle levels per well deployment.
  • Compact, modular topside interrogator.
insight reflection


Sensor Station Configuration 3-Component All-Optical Accelerometer
System Size/Capacity Compact interrogator footprint: a single 19” rack services thousands of channels
System Design Life 7 Years
Telemetry System Cabled, all-optical, frequency and wavelength-division multiplexed

Michelson interferometer based accelerometer


Instrumentation Integration Modular and flexible. (Optional integration with on-prospect processing, containerized, Stand alone IEC certified module with self-contained UPS, HVAC, workspace)
Sample Interval Field programmable: 0.25 ms to 8 ms
Sensor Operational Bandwidth 2 to 200 Hz
System Noise Floor 50 ng/√Hz spectral level typical
Instantaneous Dynamic Range

(2 ms sample interval)

200 dB single-tone @ 2 Hz; 186 dB @ 15 Hz; 170 dB @ 100 Hz
Operating Temperature -40 to 150 °C
Maximum Operating Pressure 20,000 psi
Cable Configuration Highly flexible: Can support sensor station spacings of a few meters to 10s of km
3-Component Shuttle Diameter 63 mm (2.50 in.)


Using advanced fibre-optic point sensors at high temperatures to expand downhole deployment use cases

Brett Bunn and Paul E. Murray present a new fibre-optic sensing system, which consists of a highly configurable suite of 3-component optical point receiver accelerometers for true vector wavefield recording at temperatures and pressures beyond the capability of any electromechanical system.

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