IMAGE Presentation – Seismic monitoring using compact phased arrays for CO2 sequestration monitoring

Oral presentation at the IMAGE 2022 – International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy.

Session Style: Oral Presentation
Session ID: CO2 2
Session Title: Monitoring Using Seismic Methods 2
Presentation Date and Time: August 31, 2022 from 1:20 PM to 1:45 PM


Passive and persistent seismic monitoring serves as a key tool to ensure CO2 storage operations are effective and safe. Future demand for induced seismicity monitoring at gigaton scales is driving efforts to enhance signal resolutions and event detection/location capabilities.  At the same time, the economic and logistical considerations of persistent monitoring are steering toward permanently installed robust systems with the minimum number of channels, reduced infrastructure requirements, and minimal surface expression.

During an IMAGE 2022 technical presentation on August 31, Geospace subsidiary Quantum Technology Sciences will discuss an alternative acquisition technology using volumetric phased array networks known as SADAR®. By taking advantage of the three-dimensional array response and spatially-coherent processing, SADAR optimally suppresses non-coherent noise while increasing coherent SNR prior to event detection. This reduces the uncertainty in determining seismic arrivals, especially for low SNR events.  SADAR arrays can be tuned and scaled to meet the design frequencies and wavelengths specific to the site as well as the required noise suppression. A SADAR array network is smaller compared to a typical linear or planar surface sensor network in terms of sensor count and deployment footprint.

The presentation will share the effective subsurface monitoring achieved in a deployment at Carbon Management Canada’s Containment and Monitoring Institute outside Calgary, AB.


Aug 31 2022


1:20 pm - 1:45 pm
Jamie Longbow, PhD


Jamie Longbow, PhD

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