Telemetry Cable For Advanced Recording Systems

Telemetry Cable For Advanced Recording Systems


Compatible with these Advanced Recording Systems:

BOX Seismic Data Net
SN 388 Bay Cable
SN 388 Ultralight
Opseis Eagle 88
I/O System Two®
I/O System Two MRX-2™
I/O System Two RSR™

I/O® and I/O System Two® are registered trademarks of Input/Output, Inc.

Geospace Technologies builds filled and unfilled telemetry cable of the highest quality that carries true signals in the harshest of environments. Competitively priced, it meets the demanding requirements of sophisticated seismic recording.

Geospace Technologies’s ongoing commitment to quality, along with continuous inspection at critical points in the manufacturing process, assures telemetry cable that will provide long lasting, reliable service to our customers. A variety of connectors and molded takeouts are available to meet your specific requirements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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