GS-ONE 3-C Conventional

GS-ONE 3-C ConventionalGS-One 3-C Conventional

The GS-ONE 3-C geophone can either be a conventional 3-C design with one vertical and two horizontal geophones, or it can have three Gal’perin geophones.The GS-ONE is the best geophone to be used for single geophone per channel recording because of its high transduction constant. The GS-ONE transduction constant is 0.051, compared to 0.025 to 0.037 for most popular geophones. This means the GS-ONE has higher voltage sensitivity than any other geophones with the same coil resistance which means that in practical application the GS-ONE will provide better signal to noise ratio and will detect smaller signal than most popular geophones.The GS-ONE is designed to produce the ideal 70% damping without the use of an external damping resistor when the input resistance of the recording system is 20K Ohm. The GS-ONE also offers close tolerances, high spurious and low distortion characteristics that are desirable for seismic surveys.



GS-ONE 3-C Specification Sheet



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