Wireless Seismic Acquisition Systems

Over the past few years, Geospace Technologies’ GSX wireless seismic acquisition system has demonstrated again and again the clear advantages of wireless seismic data acquisition in even the most extreme environments – and we have the market success to show for it. We offer wireless seismic acquisition systems for both land and marine applications. By eliminating the logistical, time and safety drawbacks of cabled acquisition systems, our wireless nodal acquisition systems significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with traditional seismic data acquisition without risking signal fidelity and data quality. Today, Geospace Technologies wireless land seismic acquisition systems are the most widely accepted and used wireless acquisition systems on the market, out-selling all of our competitors’ systems combined.

Wireless Systems for a World of Applications



GSX – our proven land-based wireless seismic data acquisition system



GCX – a totally self-contained wireless seismic recorder for customers seeking a combined battery-recorder-geophone configuration
OBX – our wireless system for marine applications



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Game Changing Wireless Technology

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Wireless Seismic Acquisition Systems

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