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Geophysical Products

Geospace Technologies can help you configure any sensor combination with the appropriate connectors, cabling and accessories to meet YOUR specific system needs.

Industrial Geophones

A Low Cost Answer To Vibration Detection Sensors which convert motion into electric signals are known as geophones or seismometers. They are also called detectors, transducers or probes.

Seismology Geophones

Low Frequency Seismometers are the high sensitivity, self-generating velocity detector with extremely low natural frequencies.

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Marine Seismic Solutions

Geospace Technologies sets new standards in quality, performance and reliability for marine streamer accessories, streamer recovery devices and streamer depth control systems.

Reservoir Characterization

Geospace Engineering Resources International, known industry-wide as GERI, develops and deploys sophisticated seismic reservoir monitoring solutions.

Cables & Umbilicals

Geospace Offshore designs and manufactures cable and umbilical products for the oilfield and remote operated vehicle (ROV) service industries and for specialty cable markets.

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Borehole Sensors

Ultra Low Noise Digitizer enables recording of low amplitude microseismic events.

Thermal Imaging

We are a leading manufacturer of professional-quality thermal imaging equipment and film products. Our products provide unique, reliable, affordable and chemistry-free thermal image solutions.

Ocean Bottom Cable

Geospace Technologies manufactures advanced multi-component ocean bottom seismic recording systems featuring scalable system architecture enabling ten of thousands of channel-count recording capability.

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