PC-801-LP Land Case

PC-801-LP Land Case/PC-801-LPC Land Case/ PC-21 Land Case

Geospace Technologies offers a variety of land and marsh cases to suit each customer’s individual applications. They are constructed from a glass reinforced, thermoplastic resin that provides exceptional resistance to extreme environmental conditions, with high impact resistance even at very low temperatures. Standard case colors are blue and yellow. Each case fits a wide selection of interchangeable spikes and bases, and can be easily assembled and disassembled in the field without special tools.

The PC-901 Marsh Case requires no potting compound. It has an elegantly simple construction, with very few parts and no threaded pieces. It utilizes the patented PCB Anchor* for reliable connection of pigtails to the geophone, with the damping resistor mounted directly on the clad of the PCB Anchor for easy replacement of either the geophone or the resistor. The unique LIM silicone rubber case seal, which retains its flexibility to -50° F, prevents water from penetrating to the basic unit.

The PC-801-LP and PC-801-LPC Land Cases also require no potting compound. The patented PCB Anchor Takeout anchors the leader cable and provides reliable electrical interconnections. It is housed in the LIM silicone rubber case seal in such a manner that even if water, due to wicking from a cut in the leader wire jacket, enters the top cavity of the geophone case, it cannot penetrate to or corrode the basic unit. The large radius cable entry of the case seal reduces cable fatigue for improved field life. The PC-801-LP has a steel base cup with stud, while the PC-801-LPC has a traditional base.

The PC-21 Land Case is designed to handle Geospace Technologies’s larger geophone units, with a knot anchored takeout used for extra cable security. This case has been successfully used in a wide variety of field environments throughout the world.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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