Multi-Component Seismic Nail

The Seismic Nail

A 3-Component Unit For Land and Marsh Applications

  • Pointed case bottom provides efficient deployment, improved coupling
  • Anti-rotational ribs
  • Case top has orientation and leveling features
  • Fully water blocked

The Geospace SEISMIC NAIL is a compact 3-component unit that can easily be converted in the field from land to marsh use. Its unique design allows for efficient planting and improved coupling. Anti-rotational ribs are molded into the urethane case which is filled for added strength.

The SEISMIC NAIL features swap-out case tops which convert the unit from land to marsh. The single sealing surface between top and bottom uses double o-rings to assure a reliable waterproof seal. Cable entries are fully molded and bonded. Geophone configuration is the standard V/H1/H2 for 3-component recording. Geophones that can be used in the unit include the X-Phone, GS-32CT, GS-30CT and GS-20DX.

Please refer to geophone and hydrophone product bulletins for detailed specifications.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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