Multi-Component Sea Array 4

Sea Array 4

A Fully Gimballed 4-Component Geophone/Hydrophone Package

  • Ideal for time-lapse applications
  • Multiple O-ring seals
  • Water blocked wires and bulkheads
  • Slim line design
  • Cross axis communication associated with gimballing is typically less than -60db
  • Connection options: integral, offset and pigtail

The Sea Array 4 is a fully gimballed unit that maintains three mutually perpendicular geophones (one vertical, two horizontal) with full orientation in all axes, along with one hydrophone. It can be used with all major ocean bottom cable systems for 3-component and 4-component seismic data acquisition.

The fluid-filled unit maximizes damping and coupling. Multiple precision o-rings and full water-blocked wires and assembly assure integrity of the package at depths to 2,000 meters, but is limited to the operational depth of the hydrophone unit selected.

The slim line unit accommodates a choice of two field-proven geophones: the close tolerance GS-30CT, and GS-32CT, which provides the industry’s tightest tolerances and lowest distortion. Hydrophone selection from one foot to 1,200 feet.

Spec Sheet:

Sea Array 4 Specifications

Geophone Designation
Physical Dimensions   (without polyurethane overshoot)
Rear Entry: 16.380″ Side Entry: 15.750″
Rear Entry: 2.625″ Side Entry: 2.625″ 
Rear Entry: 11.250 lbs. Side Entry: 11.250 lbs. 

Please refer to individual geophone and hydrophone product bulletins for detailed specifications.

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