Delivering Value To Investors

Geospace Technologies returns value to our shareholders, our customers, and our employees by maintaining an unwavering focus on our strategic core competencies:

Detailed Industry Knowledge

Having “been out there,” each member of our teams has developed astute technical insights and acquired substantial amounts of practical in-depth knowledge through years of industry experience – essential attributes for anticipating customer needs and understanding, then exploiting, emerging commercial opportunities.

Engineering Expertise

A “real world” understanding of the harsh operating demands and hostile environments that our product solutions will ultimately be subjected to guides our engineers in developing rigorous engineering designs and material specifications. Their specifications ultimately deliver superior field reliability that consistently surpasses customer expectations.

Manufacturing Excellence

Having “hands-on” control of our manufacturing process environment is critical to delivering high-value and high-quality finished products to our customers. Much of our shop’s machinery is custom designed and our manufacturing facilities are built to handle the complex highly engineered custom or near-custom product needs of our clients. Geographically, our facilities are strategically located only 90 miles from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, the world’s most active hydrocarbon basin.

Poised for the Future

Combining our firm strategic understanding of markets with the knowledge, domain expertise and best practices of our employees and our best-in-class manufacturing facilities, Geospace Technologies truly is developing game changing products for the future.

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