Hydrophone MP-8D and MP-8F

MP-8D and MP-8F


  • Rugged piezoelectric crystal
  • Crystal capacitance 13,000 pF
  • Multiple water blocks
  • 0° to 35°C temperature

The Geo Space MP-8D and MP-8F are used as marine energy source monitors. These models of the MP-8 series of hydrophones have a rugged piezoelectric crystal in cylindrical form as the basic sensing element. A polyurethane boot completely surrounds the internal elements and provides a cable water block.

The MP-8D is suitable for driving either low or high impedance amplifier loads. It includes a matching transformer which has a voltage step down ratio of 13:1.

The MP-8F has no transformer and is suitable for direct coupling to high impedance amplifiers. Output is 13 volts per bar.

Spec Sheet:

MP-8 and MP-6 Specifications

Voltage Sensitivity ± 1 dB
1 V/bar
13 V/bar
Charge Sensitivity
169,000 pCmb/bar
Crystal Capacitance
13,000 pF
13,000 pF
Crystal Mechanical Resonant Frequency
40 kHz
40 kHz
Operating Temperature
0° to 35°C
0° to 35°C
7.4 in (18.8 cm)
4.3 in (10.92 cm)
1.3 in (3.30 cm)
1.3 in (3.30 cm)
14 oz. (397 g)
11 oz. (312 g)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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