Hydrophone MP-26


Pressure Sensitive Detector For Ramming Applications in Transition Zones

  • Lighter weight reduces cost of transporting in the field
  • Designed for modern field techniques
  • High output, high sensitivity
  • Easy polarity checking
  • Durable, watertight packaging
  • Slim line design for ease of retrieval (5.4″ length, 1.74″ diameter, .6 lb. weight)
  • Acceleration noise canceling crystal configuration
  • Full one year warranty

The slim line MP-26 is designed for the modern techniques that are being used for inserting hydrophones into the ground water in transition zones. Both the unit itself and its optional outer care are pointed at the end to facilitate efficient insertion and retrieval. The slim line outer case includes an attachment area for a stainless steel harness used for retrieval purposes which greatly increases the percentage of hydrophone retrieval.

The MP-26 is transformer coupled and has 4 piezo-electric crystals connected in an acceleration-canceling arrangement with each crystal operating in the high sensitivity bender mode. The crystals and transformer are permanently molded in a durable, slim line polyurethane case. Standard natural frequency is 10 Hz. Operational depth is 1 to 250 feet.

Spec Sheet:

MP-26 Specifications

Natural Frequency ± 15 *
10 Hz
Voltage Sensitivity ± 1.5 dB (Intrinsic)
14 Volts/Bar
DC Resistance ± 10%
145 Ohms
Operating Temperature Range
Operational Depth
1-250 ft (.30-76 m)
Without Outer Case
5.4 in (13.7 cm)
1.74 in (4.4 cm)
0.6 lbs (222 g)

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