Hydrophone MP-24

MP-24 Hydrophone


Pressure Sensitive Detector

  • Easy method to check polarity
  • 6 month warranty High output
  • Acceleration noise canceling configuration

The MP-24 is a high output, pressure sensitive detector for use in swamps, rivers, bays and transition zones. Sensitivity is approximately six times that of the GS-20DX geophone.

The MP-24 is transformer-coupled and has four piezoelectric crystals connected in an acceleration-canceling arrangement with each crystal operating in the high sensitivity bender mode. The crystals and transformer are permanently molded in a durable polyurethane case. This sealed unit has a thermoplastic resin outer case with easy access ports for polarity testing.

Spec Sheet:

MP-24 Specifications

MP-24 L1
MP-24 L2
MP-24 L3
MP-24 H1
MP-24 H2
Natural Frequency ± 15%
6 Hz
8 Hz
10 Hz
12 Hz
14 Hz
Voltage Sensitivity ± 1.5 dB (Intrinsic)
—7.5 volts/bar —
— 15 volts/bar —
DC Resistance ± 10%
—————160 ohms ——————
Operating Temperature
—————0-35°C —————
Operational Depth
—————250 ft.—————
5.22 in (13.26 cm)
2.25 in (5.72 cm)
.8 in (369 g)

Standard Cable Sizes: .275 and .310 in (.70cm and .79 cm)

MP-24 Hydrophone Response Curve Output VS. Frequency Chart (MP-24-L3 for 160 Ohms)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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