GS-14 Industrial Geophone


Geo Space Corporation manufactures high quality, low cost geophones for a variety of industrial and military uses. These geophones have an unlimited shelf life and provide years of trouble-free service in applications where accurate motion sensing is required.

The GS-14 is a miniature, self-generating velocity detector designed for rugged environments. It withstands extreme shock with no change in performance characteristics. The GS-14 has been used as a reliable component in sonobuoys, smart fuses and intrusion detection systems.

The GS-14 is sensitive to motion along its longitudinal axis and is designed to operate in any position from vertical to horizontal. Both medium and high sensitivity models are available. With a natural frequency of 28 Hz, the GS-14 is an ideal motion sensor for frequencies in the acoustic spectrum.

Spec Sheet

GS-14 Specifications

 GS-14 Specifications
  GS-14-L3 GS-14-L9
Sensitivity ( ± 15%) 290 mV/ips 600 mV/ips
Natural Frequency ( ± 20%) 28 Hz 28 Hz
Coil Resistance ( ± 5%) 570 ohms 1500 ohms
Coil Inductance 45 mh 90 mh
Damping Factor ( ± 30%) 0.18 0.28
Damping Constant 172 738
Displacement Limit 0.09 in 0.09 in
Inertial Mass 0.076 oz 0.076 oz
Orientation Angle ± 180° ± 180°
Height 0.68 in 0.74 in
Diameter 0.66 in 0.75 in
Weight 0.67 oz 0.95 oz
Environmental (All Models)
Operating Temperature -45° to 100°C -45° to 100°C
Storage Temperature -45° to 100°C -45° to 100°C
Shock 5000 G 1000 G


   1. Reference temperature for functional parameters is 75°C
   2. Orientation angle is referenced to vertical.
   3. Damping factor is ratio of critical damping.
   4. Sensitivity, natural frequency, coil resistance and damping factor are 100% tested. Consult the factory
for special tests required to guarantee other functional parameters and shock limits.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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