GS-1 Low Frequency Seismometer


The GS-1 is a high sensitivity, self-generating velocity detector with extremely low natural frequencies. It is an excellent choice for detecting seismic activity for structural analysis, geologic hazards, vibration isolation, etc.

GS-1 seismometers are available in 1.0 and 2.0 Hz natural frequencies, and vertical or horizontal oriented models. Sensitivities range from 3.0 to 15.0 V/in/sec depending on coil configurations. Optional weather resistant cover (w/level bubble), calibration coil and adjustable leg bases are available. A vernier spring adjustment is included.

Spec Sheet:

GS-1 Specifications

Natural Frequency 1.0 Hz ± 10%
Orientation Angle Vertical ± 7.5°
Horizontal ± 0.5%
DC Resistance 450 ohms ± 5%
4550 ohms ± 5%
17,400 ohms ± 5%
Sensitivity (V/in/s) 3.0 V/in/sec ± 10%
7.0 V/in/sec ± 10%
15.0 V/in/sec ± 10%
Open Circuit Damping .54 ± 20%
Moving Mass 700 grams ± 5%
Coil Excursion > .25 in. P-P
Operating Temperature -40° to 100° C
Dimensions (Basic Unit Height: 6.45 in.
Diameter: 3.0 in.
Weight: 69 oz.
Shock 50 G


1. Specification temperature is 25° C.
2. Two Hz model also available.

Consult the factory for ordering information.

GS-1 Seismic Detector Response Curve Output Vs. Frequency @ 450 Ohms

Seismic Detector Response Curve Output Vs. Frequency @ 4550 Ohms

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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