Geospace Combined Recorder (GCX)

Cable/Radio-Free Autonomous Data Recording Node

Cableless Seismic Data Acquisition

The GCX is designed for cable-free/radio-free seismic data recording. The self-contained unit includes 1 or 3 channels of 24-bit digitization, an integrated/high sensitivity GPS receiver, built-in test signal generator, up to 16 GB per channel of non-volatile solid-state data storage, and a high speed data port. The unit is housed in a sealed case, with internal GS-ONE geophone and ex-tended life battery.


Geospace Combined Recorder (GCX)


The GCX Delivers:

•Scalability – Unlimited number of channels
•Delivers high resolution data with a 24-bit delta-sigma ADC
•Built-in GPS receiver and disciplined clock
•Greater than 30 days of continuous recording
•Compatible with explosive, vibratory and impulsive energy sources
•Internal GS-ONE geophone and Extended Life Battery
•Built-in full resolution test generator
•Available as 1 or 3 channel versions
•LED Status/Deployment State Indicator

All this in a compact 6 lbs. (2.72 kg) rugged and water-resistant package. 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


“Wireless Land Seismic Recorders; the GSX and GCX” by Geospace Technologies


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