Geophysical Products

Geospace Technologies can help you configure any sensor combination with the appropriate connectors, cabling and accessories to meet YOUR specific system needs.



GS-30CT Close Tolerance Geophones
GS-32CT Close Tolerance Geophones
GS-20DX Classic Digital Grade Geophones
GS-20DM Classic Digital Grade Geophones
GS-20DH Subminiature Geophone
SMC-1850 High Temperature Geophone
OMNI-2400 Omni directional, high temperature geophone
GS-100 High Frequency Geophone
GS-11D Rotating Coil Geophone
GS-One Improved sensitivity; reduced cost and weigh
MP-18 Piezoelectric Transducer
MP-24 Pressure Sensitive Detector
MP-25 Pressure Sensitive Detector-High Output
MP-24X High Output
MP-25X High Output
MP-26 Pressure Sensitive Detector For Ramming Application in Transition Zones
MP-8D & MP-8F Marine Energy Source Monitors Multi-Component
Multi Component
Sea Array 3 Fully Gimballed 3-Component Geophone Package
Sea Array 4 Fully Gimballed 4-Component Geophone/Hydrophone Package
Seismic Nail 3-Component Unit For Land And Marsh Applications
GS-PV1-S Dual Sensor, cable applications
GS-One 3-C Conventional One vertical and two horizontally mounted geophones
GS-One 3-C Galperin Three Galperin mounted geophones
Geophysical Acquisition Systems
Borehole Seismic Receiver Array Advanced multi-level digital downhole seismic data acquisition system designed for real-time, high-sampling, full wave-field, continuous, data acquisition.
Shallow Water Systems Designed specifically to maximize the reliability of the in-water equipment. The dual sensor cable array segments are manufactured in customer-specified lengths depending on handling equipment and deck storage considerations.
Geospace Seismic Recorder Cable-free/radio-free autonomous seismic data acquisition.
Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) Advanced multi-component ocean bottom seismic recording systems.
Ocean Bottom Recorder (OBR) Autonomous Mode Four Component (4C) Seabed Recorder
Telemetry Cable & Leader Wire
Leader Wire w Spec Table  
Telemetry Cable  
Telemetry Connections  
Analog Cable  
Downhole Cable  
KCL Series  
KCK Series  
KAM Series  
KCX Series  
LCK Series  
GSC-11 Series  
Geophone Cases/Splices/Ts
Hydrophone split case for MP-25/MP-25 Hydrophones
PC-901 Marsh Case  
HBT-3 Hard Body Marsh T  
PC-801-LP Land Case, PC-801-LPC Land Case, PC-21 Land Case
GS-3C 3-Component Land Case
“D” Loops  
Molded Slip-on Splice  

Marine Seismic Products