Geophones OMNI-2400


High Temperature Geophone

>All units tested at 200° C
>Ideal for VSP, tri-axial and gimbal downhole operations
>Full one year warranty
>Small size, high output
>Patented PCB header
>100% burn-in of basic units

The OMNI-2400 High Temperature Geophone has been tested at 200°C for more than 300 hours with no loss in performance specifications. Its design structure and super strength magnetic field makes the output of this small geophone equal to or greater than the output of larger units. Rotating dual coil construction withstands severe shocks and rough handling. The patented PCB header provides easy and reliable electrical connections.

The OMNI-2400 is also available in a standard temperature model (100°C).

OMNI-2400 Geophone Specifications PDF 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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