Geophones GS-20DX


> Industry standard for cost effectiveness, quality and reliability
> Typical spurious response greater than 250 Hz
> 5% frequency and damping tolerance for minimum phase shift
> Waterproof Land and Marsh Cases require no potting and provide easy access to basic units
> Patented PCB Anchor/Takeout anchors cable with break-strength equal to or greater than the cable
> Full three year warranty on basic unit exclusive of high voltage, lightning or physical abuse

The GS-20DX Classic Digital Grade Geophone is compatible with all field data acquisition systems. All operating parameters are confirmed with a proprietary computerized test system during the manufacturing process. Each geophone string has a brass tag with a serial number to identify its computerized test records.

The GS-20DX Classic Digital Grade Geophone is the industry standard. Its rugged design with pigtail construction ensures reliability and data integrity in field conditions.

Cases Available

PC-801 LP Land Case
PC-801 LPC Land Case
PC-901 Marsh Case
* Patent No. 4594698

GS-20DX Geophone Specifications PDF

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