Geophones GS-20DH


Subminiature Geophone

>Clean response to 400 Hz
>High frequency, high output
>Works in any position
>Low cost, long life
>Full one year warranty

The GS-20DH is a high frequency, high output, digital grade geophone designed for long life and reliable service. The Geo Space manufacturing process includes checking of geophone operating parameters with the ATS, an automated computerized test system.

Natural frequencies are 28 to 40 Hz. Coil resistances are 365, 600 and 1000 ohms. Open circuit damping is 57% for the 28 Hz unit and 40% for the 40 Hz unit. The PC-21 Land Case is used with the GS-20DH geophone.

Cases Available
PC-21 Land Case

Spec Sheet:

GS-20DH Specifications

Natural Frequency (Fn): 28 and 40 Hz ±5%
Frequency Tolerance with Tilt ± 1.6 Hz @ 25° (28 Hz) 
± 2.2 Hz @ 25° (40 Hz)
Maintains Fn Specifications to Tilt Angle of 15°
Typical Spurious Frequency >400 Hz
Standard Coil Resistance (Rc) ± 5% 600 Ohms ±5%
Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity with 600 Ohm Coil .90 V/in/sec (.354 V/cm/sec) ±10%
Normalized Transduction Constant (V/in/sec) .037(sq.root of Rc)
Open Circuit Damping .57 @ 28 Hz & .40 @ 40 Hz ±10%
Optional Coil Resistances 365, 1000 Ohms ±5%
Moving Mass 7.1 g ±10%
Typical Case to Coil Motion P-P .06 in (.15 cm)
Harmonic Distortion with driving velocity of 0.7 in/sec (1.8 cm/sec) P-P 0.2% or less @ fn
Height: (less terminals*) 1.32 in (3.35 cm)
Diameter: 1.06 in (2.69 cm) )
Weight: 3.5 oz (99)
* Terminal Height is .16 inches

GS-20DH Seismic Detector Response Curve
Output vs. Frequency Chart (GS-20DH @ 28 Hz)

GS-20DH Seismic Detector Response Curve
Output vs. Frequency Chart (GS-20DH @ 40 Hz)

Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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