Geophone MS4 Splice

MS-4 Molded Slip-On Splice

>Quick and easy to install
>No potting compounds, tape, shrink-tubing or adhesives >Molded silicone-rubber boot
>Waterproof seal around cable entry
>Uses patented PC board technique for electrical connection of conductors
>PC boards anchor equal to the breaking strength of the leader cable
>Temperature change does not affect characteristics of material or waterproof seal
>Flexible with small outside diameter and smooth curvature
>Field proven, tested, and accepted

Even under the best field conditions, the use of geophone strings invariably leads to cuts and breaks in the leader cable, making leader repair a necessary part of normal field crew operations. Solutions to this repair problem include soldering the conductors together then covering the jacket either with tape or with a conventional hard plastic splice that has to be filled with a potting compound for sealing. Neither of these techniques is a satisfactory solution to the leader repair problem. Some crews replace sections of the geophone leader as being the only way to make dependable repair. The MS-4 molded slip-on splice is an inexpensive and easy solution to your leader cable repair problem.

The MS-4 molded slip-on waterproof splice is the result of Geo Space’s continuing search for applications using the molded silicone-rubber covers or boots and PC boards. The electrical connections are made by soldering the conductors to the PC board. This soldering technique serves a dual function: the electrical design for the PC board assures that correct electrical inner connections are made between the conductors, and the high strength of the PC board provides an anchor that is equal to the breaking strength of the leader cable. The molded silicon-rubber slip-on boot tightly seals all points of the leader cable entry and provides a water seal around the PC board and solder contacts.

Using the PC board for connecting geophones into strings is a Geo Space patented technique (U.S.A. patent number 4,594,698) used in all the Geo Space geophone string assemblies, as well as the use of a molded silicone-rubber seal around the geophone leader cable. Therefore the technology used in the MS-4 molded slip-on waterproof splice is not new, but an extension of a field proven idea that originated with Geo Space. The MS-4 is available for all commonly used sizes and types of leader cable. The PC board can accept either 2, 3, 4, or 6 conductor cable. The slip-on boot has cable entry for .180 to .500 inch diameter cable.

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