GCL – Connectorless Autonomous Data Recorder

The GCL is a self-contained, autonomous data recorder. An internal geophone, battery, charger, 24-bit digitizer, GPS and GLONASS receiver are enclosed in its sealed case. A built-in test signal generator and up to 32 GB of non-volatile, solid-state data storage allow for quality and reliable data. Faster and more efficient operations can be achieved with the use of the GCL by eliminating the process of engaging connectors for power and data transfer.

GCL – Connectorless Autonomous Data Recorder

  • No connectors
  • Continuous cable-free autonomous recording
  • 24-bit resolution and 124 dB instantaneous dynamic range
  • Either GS-ONE-LF (5 Hz) or GS-ONE (10 Hz) vertical geophone
  • Battery life: 30 days @ 24 hrs/day operation
  • Built-in full resolution test generator
  • Solid-state flash memory: 16 or 32 G

Download the GCL – Connectorless Autonomous Data Recorder Brochure

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