Confidential Ethics Hotline

Geospace Technologies Confidential Ethics Hotline for Suppliers and Customers

We have implemented a global confidential ethics hotline as part of our continuing efforts to assure compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and honesty and integrity in our dealings:

Web link USA, Canada, and Colombia China United Kingdom Russia (800) 622-7419 10-800-711-0631 0808-234-7051 8^10-800-120-1011
or or
10-800-110-0577 8^10-800-110-1011
then dial
(800) 622-7419


This is a confidential tool available for use by any supplier or customer who has reason to believe a Geospace employee or supplier is in violation of these policies. (Transactional issues, such as deliveries, payments or other related items will be ignored.)

We encourage supplier and customer reports of possible violations of:

  • Antitrust and competition laws;
  • The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • Insider trading restrictions;
  • Accounting, financial reporting, and internal control rules; and
  • Health, safety, and environmental laws;

And to raise issues involving personal misconduct by Geospace employees including:

  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Gifts, favors, entertainment, and other payments;
  • Confidential information;
  • Political contributions; and
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment.

Contacts can be made confidentially. Reports will go the Director of Internal Audit, who will investigate and discuss with the appropriate senior executive officer.